Definition of butch haircut in English:

butch haircut


(also butch cut)
informal US
  • A haircut that is trimmed very close to the head.

    • ‘She used to have a biker or butch haircut, and wore army fatigues and boots to party headquarters.’
    • ‘She does not have a butch haircut, although in the tradition of the mullet, she does have a bizarre haircut.’
    • ‘Some celebrities adopt a macho look, smoking cigars and wearing butch haircuts.’
    • ‘On his other side, the girl with butch haircut rests her head on his bony shoulder.’
    • ‘She feels ugly to the point that when they are at the beach, she wears a hat to cover her butch haircut.’
    • ‘Thimpu, the capital, stands in a green Himalayan meadow, a population half saffroned-monks, half civilians, men in butch haircuts and tartan skirts, practicing with bows and arrows.’
    • ‘Cutting grass reminds me of those old butch haircuts in the 50s that I hated.’
    • ‘To force her to have a butch haircut is criminal.’
    • ‘A lot of kids have had butch haircuts due to lice infestation.’
    • ‘But instead of having flowing, wavy hair this summer I have to constantly work against my butch haircut in my pursuit of male companionship.’
    • ‘And he called her suburban, and supposedly very shortly after that, she started sporting her butch haircut and her butch look.’
    • ‘I was given that name when I was two years old because every month my dad gave me a butch haircut.’
    • ‘He gave us very short butch haircuts at first and then every year just as soon as Spring came.’
    • ‘The problem is that to successfully ‘grow out’ a short butch haircut, you have to have a good haircut to start with.’
    • ‘Since everyone seems to agree that Ivan is masculine, why then can't he have a butch haircut?’
    • ‘Where is it written that bounty hunters have to have bad butch haircuts, anyway?’
    • ‘So why is it so many women have butch haircuts?’
    • ‘I didn't have a butch haircut - I just had a short little pixie haircut.’
    • ‘Which crybaby is going to ruin her mascara by bawling over her butch haircut?’
    • ‘I actually had the cheek to ask one such woman why the butch haircut.’