Definition of butcher knife in English:

butcher knife


  • A large, broad-bladed knife used for cutting meat.

    ‘I reached out for a knife and noticed that the butcher knife was gone and then I was pulled from behind by a very, very strong arm.’
    • ‘With that, he pulls a large butcher knife from a nearby rack of steak knives and charges at Irene.’
    • ‘He poked the dead animal's great bloated belly with his butcher knife, you could hear the air coming out, a stream of liquid squirted out like a lazy geyser, you could smell it.’
    • ‘As you know, I was about to stick a butcher knife in his hand and see if he could hold it, but then I thought better of it.’
    • ‘‘So I stayed in the bathroom, complete with the phone and the butcher knife, until about ten o'clock,’ Audrey laughed.’
    • ‘Yes but she's still yelling about chopping your head off with a butcher knife.’
    • ‘She looked at me as if I had a butcher knife sticking out of my skull, ‘Okay… what's wrong?’’
    • ‘Some scenes included a butcher knife and mallet.’
    • ‘I held a cool butcher knife in my blood-covered hands.’
    • ‘Zoe pressed the butcher knife into Sam's limp fingers.’
    • ‘One unlucky boy charged at her with a butcher knife.’
    • ‘Damon sighed, and threw the butcher knife on the table.’
    • ‘A man murdered his mother, his sister, and his wife with a 12-inch butcher knife.’
    • ‘A month after that, I found a butcher knife in my front yard.’
    • ‘In one bony, skeletal hand it clutched a large butcher knife.’
    • ‘A large, sleek, pretty, shining butcher knife plunged into his skull.’
    • ‘His voice sounded horrible, as if he'd swallowed a butcher knife.’
    • ‘The woman forced her daughter into a bathtub after making a few more cuts on her arms with a butcher knife to make it look like there was an intense struggle.’
    • ‘Then, on the very night they were to run away together, someone murders John with a butcher knife in the Hollis summerhouse.’
    • ‘She then saw the large butcher knife that he held tightly in his right hand.’