Definition of butterflyfish in English:



  • 1Any of a number of brightly colored or boldly marked fish of warm waters.

    a reef-dwelling fish that is popular in marine aquariums (Chaetodon and other genera, family Chaetodontidae)
    a predatory marine fish that bears long venomous spines (genus Pterois, family Scorpaenidae)

    ‘In certain areas of the tropics where clownfish, sea anemone, and butterfly fish exist, clownfish scare off butterflyfish from their host anemone.’
    • ‘A few of her endemic favorites: the saddle wrasse, the bluestripe butterfly fish, and the whitesaddle goatfish.’
    • ‘The spine on the operculum is the best way to identify an angelfish and to distinguish it from similar-looking species, such as butterfly fish.’
    • ‘A manta ray flashed, scattering a school of butterfly fish, silver and striped with dark gold, each moving like the pulse of a wing.’
    • ‘Occasionally one sees butterfly fish, although they are mere visitors from the still distant Indian Ocean.’
  • 2A West African freshwater fish with large pectoral fins used in leaping out of the water and long fin rays used as stilts.

    Pantodon buchholzi, the only member of the family Pantodontidae

    ‘The Pantodontidae or Butterfly fish family consists of a single species which is distributed in tropical West Africa.’
    • ‘I got my first African Butterfly fish about 2 years ago and it was the nicest fish in my tank.’
    • ‘The African Butterfly Fish is found in African in the waters of the West African Rainforest.’



/ˈbədərˌflīfiSH/ /ˈbədərˌflaɪfɪʃ/