Definition of butternut in English:



  • 1A North American walnut tree that bears oblong sticky fruits. Its light-colored, soft timber is useful primarily for making furniture and cabinetry.

    Also called white walnut

    Juglans cinerea, family Juglandaceae

    1. 1.1The edible oily nut of the butternut.
  • 2US historical, informal A Confederate soldier or supporter (so called because the fabric of the Confederate uniform was typically homespun and dyed with butternut extract).

    • ‘From that place I wrote incident after incident concerning the most inhuman barbarity that had been enacted by citizen guerrillas and butternut soldiers.’
    • ‘Because of the commonness of such uniforms, Yankees often referred to Confederate soldiers as "butternuts."’
    • ‘Since, by definition, only one ‘real’ hero of Gettysburg exists, and since this paragon wore a uniform of blue, this would bar from consideration any of the butternuts contending from the other side of the field.’
    • ‘The men of the 6th Wisconsin, the 95th New York, and the 14th Brooklyn would apparently qualify as also-rans despite their sacrifice as they charged the Butternuts sheltered in the Railroad Cut.’