Definition of butterwort in English:



  • A carnivorous bog plant that has violet flowers borne above a rosette of yellowish-green greasy leaves that trap and digest small insects. It is native to both Eurasia and North America.

    Genus Pinguicula, family Lentibulariaceae: several species, in particular the common butterwort (P. vulgaris)

    ‘Skylarks sang over the wetlands, carnivorous butterworts were in violet flower and cotton grass fluffed up the land.’
    • ‘The violet flowers of butterworts nod manically at the roadside, seeming too delicate for this windswept terrain.’
    • ‘There are many more plants that will thrive in medium light, among them Irish moss, Tahitian bridal veil, heart-leaved philodendron, pitcher plant, and butterwort.’
    • ‘Commonly called the butterworts, these plants are just about the most innocuous-looking carnivorous plants you'll ever see.’
    • ‘The insect-eating common butterwort, previously thought to be extinct in the region, has also been noted.’



/ˈbədərˌwərt/ /ˈbədərˌwôrt/ /ˈbədərˌwɔrt/


Late 16th century named from the plant's supposed ability to keep cows in milk, and so maintain the supply of butter.