Definition of buttload in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbətˌlōd/ /ˈbətˌloʊd/


informal North American
  • A large number or amount.

    ‘the company will make a buttload of money’
    ‘a buttload of big-name actors’
    • ‘Took a buttload of photos (about 200), mainly of my mate who was graduating.’
    • ‘Saturday I went shopping with my momma in the morning, and got a buttload of stuff for homecoming!’
    • ‘We went into Mack n' Mancos, and all of the sudden, a buttload of my friends screamed "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!"’
    • ‘Imagine my surprise when I went online this afternoon to pay my Amex bill and saw a buttload of recent activity.’
    • ‘English is a great language - no masculine and feminine nouns, fewer tenses to our verbs and literally buttloads of nouns.’
    • ‘Phoo - just got online for the first time in a couple days and saw the buttload of comments about Mom.’
    • ‘Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban has at least two large buttloads of special effects.’
    • ‘Every year, right before the holidays, something stupid happens, and it costs us a metric buttload of money.’
    • ‘Both of these tracks are very informative and should give fans a buttload of information about the movie.’
    • ‘Oh, and let's not forget the risk to corporate secrets when you open up a buttload of corporate computers to the public internet.’
    • ‘Considering that Sahara panders to the dominant frat-boy ideology running rampant through most recent action-adventure movies, this film will make buttloads of money this summer.’
    • ‘Maybe they do - I have a 50s playlist, but that's because I bought a buttload of CDs of 50s Top 40 music.’
    • ‘If you date someone you're not really interested in who happens to have a buttload of money, you'll eventually dump him because all he has is money.’
    • ‘Even though the job paid squat, I got to see a buttload of films for free, which, at the time, was fine by me.’
    • ‘Now I'm going to have to struggle to meet the 10% down that I oh so desperately want so that I don't pay a buttload in mortgage insurance.’
    • ‘So, this final paper that I've been doing buttloads of research on is due tomorrow.’
    • ‘Soo I think once he gets back we're just going to stay with my dad for a couple of months and save up a buttload of money so we can get a place together and everything.’
    • ‘We ate a buttload of food, and watched Not Another Teen Movie on Comedy Central - I absolutely loveee that movie, haha.’
    • ‘Helmet returns after a long time away, during which a buttload of bands have nicked their sound but haven't been able to match the sheer power of the band.’
    • ‘Tonight was the last night of break, which was depressing, but I went bowling with a buttload of people: Callie, Katie Mac, Shanea, Concetta, Chris, DJ, Ben, Steve, Joanna, Mark, and Mario.’



/ˈbətˌlōd/ /ˈbətˌloʊd/