Definition of buttonholer in English:



  • An attachment for a sewing machine used to make buttonholes.

    ‘Make a buttonholer from a tongue depressor or craft stick with a loop of string through a hole in one end of it.’
    • ‘During the course of the program, students are exposed to equipment used in the field such as buttonholers, high speed sewing machines, and cutters.’
    • ‘72-stitch-function sewing machine features an easy automatic 4-step buttonholer with stitch balance control for perfectly uniform buttonholes every time.’
    • ‘The facility is also equipped with numerous bartackers, buttonholers, fusing machines, cutting machines and steam irons.’
    • ‘There's a woman in the mother lode country who collects buttonholers, and one in New York who collects toothpaste and tooth powder.’
    • ‘If I could figure out which was the buttonholer, I could have it.’
    • ‘These are the buttonholers that come in the pink (slant shank) or green (straight shank) ‘Jetson’ style cases.’



/ˈbətnˌ(h)ōlər/ /ˈbətnˌ(h)oʊlər/