Definition of buzzkill in English:



informal North American
  • A person or thing that has a depressing or dispiriting effect.

    • ‘if you think bad weather at the zoo sounds like a buzzkill, you're right’
    • ‘Of course, the buzz kill remains the ongoing (boring!) discussion about screeners.’
    • ‘Okay, now that we have done our proper buzzkill - let's get on with the facts!’
    • ‘I thought the first hour was fun, but the second hour was a definite buzz kill.’
    • ‘The episodes look great, though the non-anamorphic widescreen treatment is a real buzzkill.’
    • ‘Upstairs seemed great but as soon as we got downstairs - buzz kill.’
    • ‘Bossy adults are turning baseball into a buzz kill for kids.’
    • ‘I wrote the story, and then the unavoidable buzz kill of a second-day follow-up story.’
    • ‘And then, like a walking, unkempt buzzkill, the campground security showed up.’
    • ‘The scandal could be a major buzz kill for him.’
    • ‘There's always been that one class that's just a total buzzkill right from the start.’
    • ‘I'm sorry if that's a buzzkill, but things move fast in politics and there's no time to waste.’
    • ‘If there was ever a more horrendous buzzkill in life, I've yet to experience it.’
    • ‘I am a major buzz kill.’
    • ‘Clarity apparently is a buzz kill.’
    • ‘As helpful as such guides are meant to be, they're nothing but buzz kill, a chafe, strictly for the birds.’
    • ‘It's very flattering that people like certain jokes and ask for them, but it's kind of a buzzkill.’
    • ‘Surgery is not the buzz kill it once was, and corrective operations and medicine can prolong careers.’
    • ‘If I showed up and said that you really have to regulate the housing market, I'd look like a buzz kill, you know, a kill joy.’
    • ‘It was a slight buzzkill.’
    • ‘Sorry for the buzzkill.’



/ˈbəzkil/ /ˈbəzkɪl/