Definition of bwana in English:



  • (in East Africa) a boss or master (often used as a title or form of address)

    ‘he can't hear you, bwana’
    • ‘The only difference now is that instead of white bwanas there are dark-skinned leeches from our own villages.’
    • ‘It has often been suggested that Livingstone was only successful when he was leading Africans who saw him as their bwana.’
    • ‘"Yes, Bwana," came the voice from the hallway, followed by a perspiring black man in a loose white shirt, loose white pants, and a pair of cracked plastic shoes - which made him one of the richer men of his village ten miles up the Busati.’
    • ‘‘Do not go, Bwana,’ he said.’
    • ‘Yes, he knew the animals in the valley were being killed so fast none would be left, just as the bwana said.’



/ˈbwänə/ /ˈbwɑnə/