Definition of by a long chalk in English:

by a long chalk

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  • By far.

    ‘she is, by a long chalk, the highest paid’
    • ‘As well as being top scorers in the Bundesliga by a long chalk, their attackers have stood up in the Champions League.’
    • ‘He claimed that whatever musical advantages The Ten may have Letters and Colours are the better dancers, by a long chalk.’
    • ‘The position against Europe has not changed much either - Germany and France are still ahead by a long chalk.’
    • ‘The winner, by a long chalk, is that old stalwart The Sound of Music.’
    • ‘They know instinctively what to do and Kirwan clearly recognised that quality in Griffen who was my man of the match by a long chalk.’
    • ‘‘We believe that we have, by a long chalk, the easiest, least disruptive, and fastest migration path from your current situation to a demand driven manufacturing system at an early phase of the project’.’
    • ‘Microsoft's biggest customer for Internet Explorer by a long chalk finally seems on the brink of kissing the software goodbye - or alternatively, it's just playing a little hard-ball.’
    • ‘That very successful implementation is going to be hardest of the criteria to fulfill, by a long chalk.’
    • ‘Only a third of the economy has been denationalised, which is not considered enough by a long chalk.’
    • ‘Toussaint's most recent novel, Faire l' amour, is by a long chalk the darkest of his fictions to date.’