Definition of by all appearances in English:

by all appearances


(also to all appearances)
  • As far as can be seen.

    ‘by all appearances, he was successful’
    • ‘to all appearances, it had been a normal day’
    • ‘Now such statements are apparently unconfirmable - to all appearances there is no possible evidence of observation which would count for or against them.’
    • ‘That must be the thinking at another bar I was in - suddenly they're everywhere - that has an enclosed but, to all appearances, unventilated ‘smoking lounge.’’
    • ‘So the moral dilemma: do I pay money to find out for myself, thus lining the pockets of someone who has, to all appearances, committed massive scholarly fraud, or do I paddle along in ignorance?’
    • ‘Although this doesn't make it big by reservoir standards, it does have a serious almost marine feel especially as you park on the beach-like foreshore and the band of shingle has, to all appearances, tidemarks of debris.’
    • ‘I had a similar experience once, finding chunks of an article of mine turning up unattributed, and to all appearances as out of the author's own mouth, in a book I was reading for review.’
    • ‘A CEO who talks about himself in the third person and who is, to all appearances, a lunatic is not likely to be a very effective leader.’
    • ‘Southeastern Manitoba - by all appearances - is unique.’
    • ‘But why the police threatened to arrest a group that, by all appearances, was following the rules, remains unanswered.’
    • ‘I can think of a dozen equivalent risks faced by emergency planners that by all appearances still do not occupy the minds of these savants of hind-sight.’
    • ‘At this late date most of the bands are just being cute for its own sake, writing still more songs about having crushes on one another, or deciding, to all appearances, that writing decent songs is no longer even necessary.’
    outwardly, externally, on the outside, on the surface, superficially, on the face of it, at first glance, at first sight, to the casual eye, to the casual observer, as far as one can judge, as far as one can see, as far as one can tell, to all intents and purposes, apparently, ostensibly, seemingly, evidently