Definition of by all means in English:

by all means


  • Of course; certainly (granting a permission)

    ‘‘May I make a suggestion?’ ‘By all means.’’
    • ‘If writing is not your forte, by all means, have it done for you.’
    • ‘Telephone, have a talk by all means but exclude me from arrangements.’
    • ‘If it sounds like your sort of thing, then, by all means, check it out.’
    • ‘But by all means, do play the game as it is quite addictive and takes an innovative approach to commanding your team members.’
    • ‘Although, if you don't mind paying a little more, by all means, pick it up.’
    • ‘I am not against this practice, and if you think it will help you, by all means, write your goals down and hang them up.’
    • ‘If you have any thoughts about this, by all means, start a discussion thread, and let us know.’
    • ‘If you think you know of one who might be interested, then by all means, please tell me.’
    • ‘If this is something that interests you, then by all means go for it.’
    • ‘If you have never seen this movie, by all means rent this disc.’
    certainly, indeed, of course, definitely, without doubt, without a doubt, without question, unquestionably
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