Definition of by definition in English:

by definition


  • By its very nature; intrinsically.

    ‘the assumption is that travel will, by definition, lead to creative insight’
    • ‘And lest we forget, Saints, by definition, have the means to perform miracles in times of need.’
    • ‘A fully biological account of the human has to be deterministic, by definition.’
    • ‘Violence, by definition, signals the loss, lapse and negation of a spiritual way of being.’
    • ‘Of course, newspapers have to cover the news and, by definition, this is not always pleasant.’
    • ‘The former is sensible, and the latter very foolish, for heroes being human, by definition, have clay feet.’
    • ‘A man capable of these things seems, by definition, capable of anything.’
    • ‘Of course, elite sport, and the funding of elite sport, is by definition focused on talented individuals.’
    • ‘The term itself indicates the strategy: civil society is by definition not the state.’
    • ‘Anyone who has antibodies from exposure at the epidemic's height is by definition over 80 years old.’
    • ‘Risks by definition cannot be precisely measured in advance, but they can be better measured than they have been so far.’
    necessarily, inevitably, unavoidably, by force of circumstance, inescapably, ineluctably