Definition of by far in English:

by far


  • By a great amount.

    ‘this was by far the largest city in the area’
    • ‘This is by far the largest amount of cocaine ever to be seized in Durban, police said.’
    • ‘The most toxic substance known by far is the entirely natural botulinum toxin.’
    • ‘Honey featured in many drinks because it was by far the most easily available sweetening agent.’
    • ‘Wine has been produced here for 2,700 years and is still by far the major industry.’
    • ‘Brian has been selling tickets for years and is by far the clubs best ticket seller.’
    much, very much, considerably, markedly, immeasurably, decidedly, greatly, significantly, substantially, appreciably, noticeably, materially, signally
    by a great amount, by a good deal, by a long chalk, by a long shot, by a long way, by a mile, far and away
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