Definition of by one's lonesome in English:

by one's lonesome


(British on one's lonesome)
  • All alone.

    • ‘I'll be by my lonesome all night’
    • ‘That is less than the equivalent would cost you for eating the same on your lonesome in Paris or New York.’
    • ‘What am I gonna do in a van all on my lonesome, huh?’
    • ‘I've lived on my lonesome for abut 5 months now and have realised that there are a number of things which need to be discussed.’
    • ‘Cynthia had dwelled alone in her home, forlorn on her lonesome, with only Julian to keep her company.’
    • ‘We had to figure out what it was all on our lonesome.’
    • ‘Just imagine, I have succeeded in getting my first ever belt for kick-boxing all on my lonesome and I have to say I'm delighted.’
    • ‘In fact, I have to confess that I came to miss the latter just a tad, living on my lonesome with only one other neighbor on the floor.’
    • ‘The last time I ventured into the city on my lonesome, I ran into my old friend and ex-colleague Mick.’
    • ‘I got in some extra training for Kilimanjaro last week and tackled the Bangor Trail all on my lonesome.’
    • ‘It's enough to repel a girl, all by its lonesome.’
    alone, all alone, on one's own, in a solitary state, separately, singly, solitarily, unaccompanied, solo