Definition of by road in English:

by road


  • In or on a road vehicle.

    ‘Thought these systems are shipped out of Limerick by road, using up to a hundred trucks that pull right up to the facility loading bays.’
    • ‘Lying just inside the official boundary line between the two countries, Gretna was about 350 miles by road from London.’
    • ‘This is covered in corrugated metal, and was prefabricated in Thessalonica, brought in by road and installed by crane - the only major part of the building not made locally.’
    • ‘‘Getting the right type of green oak in the United Kingdom meant bringing it long distances by road,’ he says.’
    • ‘We travelled around the country mainly by road.’
    • ‘As he must want to go home, he can go by road, rail or water.’
    • ‘Ten sea-miles from the town, and some thirty kilometres by road, it offers all the charms of seclusion.’
    • ‘It is designed to be shipped, and is easily transported by road and rail.’
    • ‘Approaching the fine port cities by sea shows them in a much more favourable light than arriving by road or airport.’
    • ‘Doctors could no longer reach Lost Valley by road and Jerry and Sarah could not afford to fly them in.’