Definition of by the day in English:

by the day


  • Gradually and steadily.

    ‘the campaign is growing by the day’
    • ‘The parliament is gradually getting its act together and is growing in confidence by the day.’
    • ‘She's in seventh grade now, growing taller by the day and living life in the moment.’
    • ‘There's not enough firewood and Uncle Boris grows weaker by the day.’
    • ‘What an astonishing scientific scandal this is, and growing by the day.’
    • ‘Opposition to the occupying forces seems to be growing stronger by the day.’
    • ‘I have a long list of people who I need to send emails to, and it's growing by the day.’
    • ‘In the shanty towns the conditions of the poor grow worse by the day.’
    • ‘At the moment their numbers are small, but the audience for their ideas is growing by the day.’
    • ‘The new companies were losing millions by the day but no-one seemed to care.’
    • ‘The casualty list has been mounting by the day.’
    • ‘The obvious is becoming more obvious by the day, as this story from the Sunday Times makes clear.’
    • ‘Unfortunately neither would give in and so the gap gets wider by the day.’
    • ‘This is a dynamic landscape, where the changes come by the day, by the hour.’
    • ‘He is becoming more European by the day, almost in spite of himself.’
    • ‘They start quarrelling on trivial matters, which assume serious dimensions by the day.’
    • ‘Well now, it is getting closer to our moving date and i am feeling more and more drained by the day.’
    • ‘The power of the nation state and its politicians wanes by the day.’
    • ‘And the case for that full-scale independent enquiry becomes stronger by the day.’
    • ‘On a more positive note, Ollie's getting stronger by the day, and is sitting up on my lap right now.’
    • ‘The mood among the remaining staff was worsening by the day.’