Definition of C-level in English:


(also c-level)


  • Denoting the executive level of a corporation.

    ‘a c-level corporate officer’
    • ‘When the company floated a proposal this year to whip 50 to 100 execs into C-level shape, the corporate coaching industry was at a loss.’
    • ‘Any attempt to distill the concerns, preoccupations, and goals of the 143,000 C-level execs who read Chief Executive into a sound byte is impossible.’
    • ‘These days, you hear a lot of C-level executives talk about the virtues of alignment.’
    • ‘So, should you turn to the CEO or some other C-level executive?’
    • ‘He told me that C-level executives, especially CEOs, are tired of hearing about risk.’
    • ‘'Yet security has become a C-level, board level issue,’ he states.’
    • ‘And thanks to his direction at the C-level, he adds, ‘we have cooperation and collaboration we didn't have before; we are breaking down the stovepipes.’’
    • ‘With most of the nation's critical infrastructure owned by private companies, part of the onus falls to companies' C-level executives to be more proactive about security.’
    • ‘So there I am, thinking like a C-level executive.’
    • ‘The study revealed that C-level executives' perceptions about their abilities to recover from system interruptions don't match up to reality.’
    • ‘‘The C-level executives didn't understand how dramatic these new guidelines are,’ he said.’
    • ‘When C-level executives decide to make investments in new applications and services, they want to see those investments pay off quickly.’
    • ‘What do you find to be the most compelling business argument for investing in security for C-level executives?’
    • ‘Many information security executives are finding that even if their title is C-level, their job isn't.’
    • ‘They find the business in their business, putting themselves in the position of the C-level people in the company.’
    • ‘Venture capitalists and other funding sources typically play a big role in recruiting C-level people for emerging growth companies.’
    • ‘Yet far more C-level execs remain behind the times.’
    • ‘It has been my experience that if communicated appropriately, C-level leadership will typically follow advice on risk prioritization and resource requirements.’
    • ‘The crisis management team should encompass all areas within the enterprise: C-level management, IT, operations, HR, legal, contracts, shipping and others.’
    • ‘He looks sick, but he's that kind of guy who would look all green at a time like this, and besides the C-level news reporter looked bored.’


Early 21st century from the fact that initialisms for jobs at this level begin with C (for chief).