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  • Relating to or associated with mystical interpretation or esoteric doctrine.

    See also Kabbalah

    ‘In fact, the cabbalistic and/or hermetic connections made between the tarot and its sources were little more than a series of free associations, usually based on personal surmise.’
    • ‘Oh, sure, I strip naked and daub myself with cabbalistic symbols and dance around in the woods with treacle in my hair every second Wednesday, but I'm only doing it to reprogramme my mind.’
    • ‘The room is an almost excessively rich joy to the eye, as well as being a sort of one-man cabbalistic text.’
    • ‘In the lesser arcana, Mercury (as the eighth cabbalistic sphere) rules the eights.’
    • ‘In the lesser arcana, Venus rules the sevens on cabbalistic grounds.’
    • ‘In the minor arcana, Mars is assigned on cabbalistic grounds to the fives.’
    • ‘Among the lesser arcana, Saturn is assigned to the threes on cabbalistic grounds.’
    • ‘A subject in itself is cabalistic meditation (pathwork, or the way of return), in which we attempt to climb up the tree (ladder of lights) to attain union with divinity.’
    • ‘The theory that if 9 men take 90 days to make up their individual minds, 15 men will take fewer days to make up theirs is cabalistic arithmetic.’
    • ‘In this treatise he shows that the cabalistic works, ‘which are palmed upon ancient authorities, are pseudonymous; that the doctrines themselves are mischievous; and that the followers of this system are inflated with proud notions, pretending to know the nature of God better than any one else, and to possess the nearest and best way of approaching the Deity.’’
    supernatural, magic, magical, mystical, mystic, paranormal, psychic, necromantic, preternatural, transcendental



/ˌkabəˈlistik/ /ˌkæbəˈlɪstɪk/


Earlly 17th century variant of Kabbalistic.