Definición de cabana en Inglés


Pronunciación /kəˈban(y)ə/ /kəˈbæn(j)ə/

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  • A cabin, hut, or shelter, especially one at a beach or swimming pool.

    ‘A few of us have some drinks at a beach cabana near the hotel and a kid comes by offering, rather aggressively, to shine shoes.’
    • ‘Framed by the nearby mountains, the oasis is complete with sandy beaches, cabanas, a spa and water slide.’
    • ‘It's got beach chairs, cabanas for rent and a heated fire-pit to keep you warm in winter.’
    • ‘After breakfast, Amanda found a table under a cabana on the beach.’
    • ‘Luckily, he is on the outs with his girlfriend, and teenagers love to frequent the beach near his rented cabana.’
    • ‘They passed a white cabana towards the beach and walked in the wet sand as the tide splashed lazily onto the ground.’
    • ‘The spa comprises seven indoor treatment rooms and a cabana by the beach for oceanside massage.’
    • ‘Six permanent tented cabanas with raised wooden floors offer king beds, battery-operated lamps, and water views.’
    • ‘Recreation amenities include a half-mile of private ocean beach, two pools, private cabanas, a whirlpool, and a variety of watersports.’
    • ‘Clubbers walk through a sparkling, gold-mirror tunnel at the entrance that's flanked by elevated seating and private booths and cabanas.’
    • ‘The resort's pool and beach areas will feature private poolside cabanas, two poolside bars and a poolside cafe.’
    • ‘Here we enjoyed a half-hour massage in a cabana overlooking the bay, then relaxed in lounge chairs, gazing out at the emerald-colored water.’
    • ‘He has stood up by his cabana, mustered his courage and said what needs to be said.’
    • ‘The most secretive clients book into one of the 34 cabanas at the quieter southern end, with their own pool and beach.’
    • ‘We dined by oil lamp under a thatched cabana and listened agog to virtuoso folk musicians (check out the boy with the kartals, Rajasthan's answer to castanets).’
    • ‘Down the coast at my Tulum cabana I peer out from the heat of the midday sun at a tourist pottering with intent on the beach.’
    • ‘All our exclusive managerial cabanas offer en suite lavatories and, from the windows, a dazzling prospect of major honours.’
    • ‘And once the logistics of bringing friends down to Belize became too complicated he decided to open its comfortable villas and cabanas to the public.’
    • ‘We would have to return at 6am the following morning, so we head back to the comforts of our little cabanas instead.’
    • ‘She motioned to the sisters and after stowing away all loose belongings, the women retired to the cabana to change into ceremonial dress.’


Late 19th century from Spanish cabaña, from late Latin capana, cavana ‘cabin’.