Definition of cabbage moth in English:

cabbage moth


  • A brown moth whose caterpillars are pests of cabbages and related plants.

    Mamestra brassicae, family Noctuidae

    ‘The other significant pest of these plants is the cabbage moth.’
    • ‘Plant cabbage, broccoli, bok choi and all types of mustard until mid-September, covering with lightweight row covers to exclude cabbage fly and cabbage moth.’
    • ‘They are known to eat cabbage moths, bollworms, tomato hornworms and broccoli worms.’
    • ‘If you'd never thought that the world's biggest collection of cabbage moths could inspire deep thoughts, pick up a copy of this book.’
    • ‘Certain companion plants are said to prevent the cabbage moths from being able to alight and lay their eggs.’


cabbage moth

/ˈkabij môTH/ /ˈkæbɪdʒ mɔθ/