Definition of cabbage palm in English:

cabbage palm


  • Any of a number of palms or palmlike plants that resemble a cabbage in some way.

    a Caribbean palm with edible buds that resemble a cabbage (Roystonea oleraceae, family Palmae)
    an evergreen plant occurring in warm regions and grown elsewhere as a greenhouse or indoor plant (genus Cordyline, family Agavaceae)

    ‘In addition to the cabbage palm, tall trees include American elm, laurel oak, pop ash, sugarberry, sweetgum, water hickory, and water locust.’
    • ‘Its blinding flash lights up the cabbage palm foliage…’
    • ‘Oak-palm hammocks are home to the tall, beautiful cabbage palm, a hallmark of these fertile raised regions on the Myakka River floodplain.’
    • ‘But in the next breath he's anticipating aloud the virgin forest and spectacular cabbage palm a caller has invited him to see.’
    • ‘Rather, cabbage palms, grape vines, and exotic grasses such as guineagrass often dominate.’
    • ‘On a sultry autumn night, panther number 60, all eight-year-old male, stalked through a forest of pine trees and cabbage palms until he was stopped cold by a chain-link fence.’
    • ‘Chusan palms and cabbage palms will dot the British landscape, even in inland colder areas, towards the end of the century.’
    • ‘Chusan palms, tree ferns and cabbage palms frame a view of the large formal pond, which is dotted with water lilies and surrounded by lush herbaceous plantings.’
    • ‘Barbados's Codrington College, founded in 1830, looks like an old Oxford college set incongruously amidst stately cabbage palms.’
    • ‘Site preparation began with removal of about 250 small cabbage palms that had invaded the site.’


cabbage palm

/ˈkabij ˌpä(l)m/ /ˈkæbɪdʒ ˌpɑ(l)m/