Definition of cabbage roll in English:

cabbage roll


North American
  • A boiled cabbage leaf that is formed into a roll with a stuffing of rice and minced meat and then baked.

    ‘Sauerkraut, made from boiled cabbage, could also be mixed with pork and rice to make a cabbage roll.’
    • ‘And, if you're hungry, go to the Ukrainian restaurant in the food court, and get perogies, a cabbage roll and kolbassa for under $6.’
    • ‘Burgers could take a dozen different forms, while meatloaves, pizza, cabbage rolls, meat pies, sloppy joes, tortilla wraps and stuffed peppers (not to speak of other stuffed vegetables) would round out the month.’
    • ‘The restaurant's stuffed cabbage rolls and grape leaves are the essence of mom food, thanks to a soft, savory mixture of ground meat and rice that would not seem out of place in a soul-food restaurant.’
    • ‘She also made the best fried chicken, plum cake, cabbage rolls, potato salad, and dumplings I (or my relatives and roommates) ever had.’
    • ‘Whether pizza or chow mein, cabbage rolls or plum pudding, Canadian cuisine is best characterized as eclectic rather than consistent in content.’
    • ‘Cut the cabbage rolls on the bias and place the two halves on each plate.’
    • ‘A craving for smoked sausages and cabbage rolls can definitely be satisfied here.’
    • ‘Other staples include cabbage in the form of sauerkraut or cabbage rolls, dark bread, potatoes, beets, barley, and oatmeal.’
    • ‘My five companions all chose schnitzel combos, which pair one piece of any type of schnitzel with other menu items, such as cabbage rolls or some pierogies.’
    • ‘Even the kebab shop, which normally has nice lentil salads and vine leaves and cabbage rolls etc, offered only felafels as the chicken/beef/lamb alternative.’
    • ‘Near the Visitation booth, members of St. Pius X Church, Mount Pleasant, served western Pennsylvania ethnic classics, perogies, cabbage and noodles and cabbage rolls.’
    • ‘Fried eggplant and falafel form the base of this pita sandwich, complemented by tomatoes, yogurt, cabbage rolls, onions, and lettuce.’
    • ‘Nowhere does the homeyness come through more than in the daily special, which sometimes includes cabbage rolls, zucchini, eggplant and vine leaves - each stuffed with a concoction of meat and rice.’
    • ‘Other regional fare includes cabbage rolls, fried cheese stuffed with ham and a stew variation called Szegedin goulash, which substitutes pork for beef, and is served with sauerkraut.’
    • ‘To sum up: a heap is not a roll and cheese has no place in cabbage rolls.’
    • ‘‘Kailaan’ primarily is eaten raw, quickly stir-fried or steamed, but the raw leaves are so flexible that they make a great variation for stuffed cabbage rolls.’
    • ‘He took a seat at the table and speared one of the cabbage rolls with his fork and bit it in half.’
    • ‘Be forewarned that classic cabbage rolls share the menu with tripe and ‘fresh laid chicken livers,’ along with house favourites like roast of wild boar.’
    • ‘The cabbage rolls are totally different from any I have had before - filled with a tangy rice mixture, they were cooked until very soft.’