Definition of cabbage rose in English:

cabbage rose


  • A kind of rose with a large, round, compact double flower.

    ‘This rose and its varieties are closely related to the cabbage rose but have a ‘mossy ‘growth at the base of flowers and on the stem.’’
    • ‘A delicate disc lined with vintage silk, crowned with a cabbage rose and antique blusher veil, is perfect for sipping Martinis.’
    • ‘Older gardening books often refer to them as ‘peony roses’ because of their resemblance to the old fashioned cabbage rose.’
    • ‘Directly across the car from me, next to an old woman with a gaudy cabbage rose print babushka over thinning white hair, is a young man I cannot take my eyes off of for long.’
    • ‘For spring-themed designs, he sent out beautiful pieces such as his flowing white silk chiffon cabbage rose and his morning glory print silk chiffon gowns.’
    • ‘I love pale blooms, they look marvellous by moonlight and nothing is as romantic as a shell pink cabbage rose.’
    • ‘I'd use fabrics featuring big cabbage roses or bold stripes.’
    • ‘Variations include cabbage roses, Turk's cap lilies and, notably, tulips with divergent petals typical of Giles-decorated porcelain.’
    • ‘Florals were large cabbage roses, smatterings of abstract blooms in unusual colour combinations and smaller posies or bunches.’
    • ‘Big cabbage roses might bloom among white daisies, with a sprinkling of poppies in front.’
    • ‘The cabbage roses look lovely on the convex surface of the bowl.’
    • ‘The cabbage roses on that scarf are amazing!’
    • ‘The cabbage roses are done in the raspberry pink.’


cabbage rose

/ˈkabij rōz/ /ˈkæbɪdʒ roʊz/