Definition of cabbagey in English:



See cabbage

‘We are more cabbagey as a nation because of a head of cabbage, and with its help we can aspire to higher and higher levels of vegetative wonder.’
  • ‘The cabbage soup is good and hearty, filling, high in flavor, not overly cabbagey, and served with a warm pita.’
  • ‘Tuck into this crisp, light, elegantly herby, 13 per cent alcohol summer food-suitable white with plenty of rich, cabbagey, mature Chardonnay fruit on the finish while you can.’
  • ‘In fact, if you think about it, with bok choy, you're getting two for the price of one - the juicy mild-flavored stalks and the more cabbagey leaves.’
  • ‘They leave their swimming kit mouldering in a zip-up bag for several decades and wonder why they're greeted by a cabbagey stench when they finally decide to get fit again.’