Definition of cabin crew in English:

cabin crew


treated as singular or plural
  • The members of an aircraft crew who attend to passengers.

    ‘cabin crew who look after the first-class cabins go on special courses’
    • ‘the airline's cabin crews continue to strike over pay cuts’
    • ‘Each flight has 4 Thai cabin crew providing services to passengers.’
    • ‘The happy couple met when Vivienne was a member of the cabin crew on a flight to Los Angeles.’
    • ‘Two passengers and one cabin crew member was slightly hurt.’
    • ‘The cabin crew are already unstrapping, seemingly unconcerned that the aircraft may have been torn into two pieces.’
    • ‘But airline pilots and cabin crew might want to brush up on their astroparticle physics.’
    • ‘Though he hails from Thrissur, he ended up in Mumbai after going there to attend an interview for the job of a cabin crew member in a commercial airline.’
    • ‘I thought, in future leave it up to the professionals: airline cabin crew.’
    • ‘Their professionalism never falters, but away from the public gaze, airline cabin crew are a different breed altogether.’
    • ‘None of the cabin crew or passengers on the flight were injured.’
    • ‘One Irish citizen found out what happens when you abuse the cabin crew of an airline.’
    • ‘An elderly passenger became increasingly agitated, and neither his wife nor other passengers and cabin crew could appease him.’
    • ‘It is alleged that he became abusive and assaulted members of the cabin crew.’
    • ‘Hearing a scream, other passengers and cabin crew restrained the man and took him back to his seat.’
    • ‘Believing the men were already drunk, cabin crew refused to serve them alcohol.’
    • ‘The first class passengers can opt for their choicest food and snacks from the menu that will wheeled in a trolley to their side by air hostesses or cabin crew.’
    • ‘With the new boom in the airline industry and the introduction of many new aircraft, the need for in-flight cabin crew is increasing.’
    • ‘It was left to the cabin crew on the flight back to offer regrets over what had happened and to double the champagne rations to show that they meant it.’
    • ‘Our flight and cabin crew are trained to deal with every eventuality, however rare.’
    • ‘Youngsters are given hats and uniforms for pilots, cabin crew and other airport jobs and are encouraged to take part in role play.’


cabin crew

/ˈkabən kro͞o/ /ˈkæbən kru/