Definition of cabinetmaking in English:



See cabinetmaker

‘Few examples of documented Napoleonic furniture retain such extensive original material or provide such detailed physical information for studying and understanding the arts of French Empire cabinetmaking and upholstering.’
  • ‘The college's five-quarter cabinetmaking and fine wood-working program prepare students for employment in cabinetmaking, furniture construction for luxury yachts.’
  • ‘He and his wife devoted many hours to the horticultural improvement of the local parish churchyard and shortly before retirement he took up cabinetmaking.’
  • ‘The evidence so far suggests that cabinetmaking was not common in England before the 1600s.’
  • ‘Here he kept his technological objects and here he practised the arts of turning, surveying, clockmaking and cabinetmaking.’



/ˈkab(ə)nətˌmākiNG/ /ˈkæb(ə)nətˌmeɪkɪŋ/