Definition of cable modem in English:

cable modem


  • A type of modem that connects a computer or local network to broadband internet service through the same cable that supplies cable television service.

    as modifier ‘a cable-modem connection’
    • ‘Make sure the router is connected directly to your cable modem and your PC.’
    • ‘For one thing, connected to a broadband DSL or cable modem, it serves as a wireless access point.’
    • ‘I am connected by a cable modem and have no network, although I plan on expanding to two computers soon.’
    • ‘Most current computers also have an Ethernet port for hooking up to a fast broadband DSL or cable modem.’
    • ‘I have three desktop computers and a laptop, with Internet access provided by a cable modem and an ISDN line.’
    • ‘For the individual who connects their cable modem or DSL line directly to their PC, they should have some kind of personal firewall operating.’
    • ‘It's especially important to run a firewall if you have high-speed Internet access through a cable modem or a DSL (digital subscriber line) connection.’
    • ‘Nothing the installer does in the course of plugging a cable modem up to your computer will affect any of the things listed above.’
    • ‘Spammers add to their zombie battalions by creating computer worms and viruses that can secretly take control of a computer connected to a DSL or cable modem.’
    • ‘I then connect my cable modem to a wireless router with an 802.11 access point.’
    • ‘Likewise, broadband via cable modem comes to every cable-TV drop you have in your home, giving you some location flexibility as well.’
    • ‘The Telecom Act of 1996 made no mention of DSL lines, cable modems or broadband Internet access.’
    • ‘It didn't have the latest patches and anti-virus signatures, so when he connected it to his cable modem at home, it became infected.’
    • ‘The facility is linked by a wireless bridge to the house, which in turn has a cable modem connection to the Internet.’
    • ‘I have a cable modem, so unless Internet traffic is heavy, a piece of music seven minutes in length can be on my computer in only a few minutes.’
    • ‘This is how fast your cable modem is connecting.’
    • ‘Consumers use a cable modem to connect their PCs to the dish.’
    • ‘Indeed, a friend's computer was cracked less than a day after it was connected to his new cable modem last September.’
    • ‘This customer had a cable modem connected to a hub and was given three dynamically assigned IP addresses.’
    • ‘It's even more problematic than it sounds, because the broadband connection - a cable modem in this case - is in the basement.’