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cable release

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  • A cable attached to the shutter release of a camera, allowing the photographer to open the shutter without touching or moving the camera.

    ‘Set the camera's shutter-speed dial to the B position and lock the shutter open using your cable release.’
    • ‘I don't think a homemade cable release would damage the camera.’
    • ‘Open the shutter on the bulb setting of your camera with a locking cable release with either a mechanical or electronic release.’
    • ‘Take the picture by either using a locking cable release or by keeping your finger depressed on the shutter release.’
    • ‘The most important thing that you should know about sharpness is to use a good tripod for all of your shots as well as using a cable release.’


cable release

/ˈkābəl rəˌlēs/ /ˈkeɪbəl rəˌlis/