Definition of cable tier in English:

cable tier


  • A place in a ship for stowing a coiled cable.

    ‘And there, unlike the dark confines of the cable tier where he now found himself, had been Estelle.’
    • ‘Her escort reached out and viciously pinched her arm for a second time since freeing her from the cable tier.’
    • ‘They went down into the dark stifling confines of the ship's cable tier accompanied by an oath they would soon get used to: ‘Get down there, you rebel.’’
    • ‘‘If we cleared away for action, our passengers - you and your father - would be sent down to the cable tier to be safe.’’
    • ‘So I went off, an officer following me, who told me he would shew me the place allotted to me, and took me down to the cable tier, saying to me this is your place.’


cable tier

/ˈkābəl ˈtī(ə)r/ /ˈkeɪbəl ˈtaɪ(ə)r/