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(also kaboodle)
‘Ah yes, I love cartoons, animation, the whole kit and caboodle.’
  • ‘Yes, it's a truly woeful collection that for some reason my mother decided to ship over to me here, the whole kit and caboodle.’
  • ‘The first floor is accessory heaven, bags, sunglasses, scarves, the whole kit and caboodle.’
  • ‘Then they'll very often bring in the whole kit and caboodle for us to frame.’
  • ‘The US Forces spent a spectacular half-a-million dollars on what was supposed to be this grand presentation room and briefing room, with flat plasma screens and the whole kit and caboodle.’
  • ‘The older I get, the more I realize that life, sexuality, the whole kit and caboodle, is never black-and-white.’
  • ‘Agatha hadn't even needed to say anything to Elizabeth before she was making preparations to move the whole kit and caboodle downstairs.’
  • ‘We will have the sequel rights for years, and we own the whole kit and caboodle.’
  • ‘I'm talking about the whole kit and caboodle here.’
  • ‘Yet he doesn't need to move the whole kit and caboodle to New York.’
  • ‘I felt it was time the take responsibility for the whole kit and caboodle.’
  • ‘The chorus is particularly annoying in its one-dimensional repetitiveness, and the whole kaboodle runs out of ideas about a minute before the end.’
  • ‘The trade-off is a relatively small 200GB hard drive (for a media machine) and average graphics, but you can upgrade the graphics card for gaming and add speakers, but at this price, you might expect the whole caboodle.’
  • ‘We've seen a broad, rapid change in our technological world over my relatively short lifetime, and the whole caboodle shows no signs of slowing - if anything, it appears to be speeding up.’
  • ‘As the whole caboodle followed by, I realised that apart from the fox and its innate acceptance, and possibly the police with theirs, everybody was having a hugely enjoyable Saturday out.’
  • ‘The whole caboodle - including appliances such as fridge, freezer, cooker, hob and extractor fan - will set me back about £3,500.’
  • ‘Allowing the leader to straighten, I hauled on the line to break the surface tension, then tossed the whole caboodle into the centre current well above the trout.’
  • ‘Stir the softened, slow-cooked onions into the egg mixture and then pour the whole caboodle into an oiled non-stick circular 9 " cake tin.’
  • ‘You go all out planning a posh candlelit dinner in a fine restaurant, buying flowers and even a new shirt, the whole caboodle - after all she is worth it isn't she?’
  • ‘The whole caboodle is so physical, and that appeals to her.’



/kəˈbo͞od(ə)l/ /kəˈbud(ə)l/


    the whole caboodle
    • The whole number or quantity of people or things in question.

      • ‘sort out your best snaps, complete the entry form, and pop the whole caboodle into an envelope addressed to us’
      • ‘once you get them talking about one case, they might as well settle the whole kit and caboodle’


Mid 19th century (originally US): perhaps from the phrase kit and boodle(see kit, boodle).