Definition of caboshed in English:



(also caboched)
usually postpositive
  • (of the head of a stag, bull, etc.) shown full face with no neck visible.

    ‘The bear's head cabossed does not meet that criterion, and is unidentifiable when erminois.’
    • ‘The official Institute of Heraldry blazon is ‘An elk's head caboshed proper.’’
    • ‘According to Scotland's Lord Lyon records, heraldic seals associated with the family frequently use a stag's head cabossed as the central image associated with the coat of arms.’
    • ‘The augmentation shall take the form of a rams head cabossed argent, collared gules, or the form of a rams head cabossed argent, collard sable as appropriate to the arms of the recipient.’
    • ‘The Warrant granting this badge describes it as, ‘Within a chaplet of roses Gules a stag's head caboshed proper; between the attires an escocheon Or, charged with three chevronells Gules’ and authorises it to be borne by the Corporation and their successors upon their Standards or otherwise according to the laws of Arms.’



/kəˈbäSHt/ /kəˌbɑʃt/


Late 16th century from French caboché, in the same sense.