Definition of Cabrales in English:



  • A pungent blue cheese from Spain.

    ‘Contrary to popular belief, authentic Cabrales is wrapped in aluminum foil, not leaves.’
    • ‘The chef at the restaurant has whipped her Cabrales up into a fluffy, tangy, savoury flan and served it with a chutney and some crumbly cracker.’
    • ‘We were contacted by some people from Spain and they denied the presence of maggots in Cabrales.’
    • ‘In a bowl with an electric mixer cream together the Cabrales and the cream cheese until the mixture is smooth.’
    • ‘If you taste Cabrales with other cheeses, make sure that the Cabrales is the last in the sequence, because of the intensity of the flavor.’



/kəˈbrälāz/ /kəˈbrɑleɪz/ /kəˈbrälez/ /kəˈbrɑlɛz/


Spanish, from cabra ‘goat’.