Definition of cachexia in English:


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  • Weakness and wasting of the body due to severe chronic illness.

    ‘This age discrepancy occurred despite a lower prevalence of arteriosclerosis, cachexia, and hepatitis B in women and no significant differences in the frequencies of other infectious diseases.’
    • ‘Anorexia and cachexia caused by wasting syndromes are best managed with patient and family education, as well as a possible trial of appetite stimulants such as megestrol or dexamethasone.’
    • ‘The patient's general appearance should be assessed for evidence of resting dyspnea, cyanosis and cachexia.’
    • ‘He used cocaine to treat depression, asthma, cachexia, and for overcoming morphine addiction.’
    • ‘Severe cachexia, as a result of increased energy expenditure mediated by the tumour, is also a poor prognostic indicator.’



/kəˈkeksēə/ /kəˈkɛksiə/


Mid 16th century via late Latin from Greek kakhexia, from kakos ‘bad’ + hexis ‘habit’.