Definition of cachinnate in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkakəˌnāt/ /ˈkækəˌneɪt/

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intransitive verb

[no object]rare
  • Laugh loudly.

    ‘He squealed to no end while she cachinnated maniacally at the tribulation of the poor helpless doctor.’
    • ‘So he's releasing a bevy of albums of late, and I shan't cachinnate nor chortle at this dispatch.’
    • ‘I chuckled, guffawed, chortled and cachinnated my way through the book.’
    • ‘To say something does not exist simply on the grounds that you can not ‘see’ it is enough to make anyone cachinnate.’
    • ‘Whether or not you're a logomaniac (one obsessed with words), this esoteric collection of English words should prove entertaining; it even might make you cachinnate (laugh loudly) as you turn the pages.’


Early 19th century from Latin cachinnat- ‘laughed loudly’, from the verb cachinnare, of imitative origin.