Definition of cactaceous in English:


Pronunciation /kakˈtāSHəs/


See cactus

‘Named in honor of the French scholar Nicolas-Claude Fabri de Peiresc, the genus Pereskia boasts the unique characteristic of being one of the few cactaceous genera to bear true leaves.’
  • ‘The most common of these is E. canariensis with the classic cactaceous habit.’
  • ‘If you wish to camp, hike or simply to spend a day afield between encino forests and pine and cactaceous scrubs, you may see some deer, wild burro, pumas, cats, coyotes, bald eagles and a diverse selection of snakes.’
  • ‘In a few words, Cuatro Ciénegas is a wide, semi-desertic climate valley (it is a ramification of the wider desert of Chihuahua), with low vegetation characterized by cactaceous and similar species.’
  • ‘ARC Plant Protection Research Institute has been collaborating with the IAEA and other overseas experts on the use of SIT to control cactus moth, Cactoblastis cactorum, a pest on cactus and prickly pear, and serious threat to millions of hectares of indigenous cactaceous flora in Mexico and the USA.’