Definition of cadastral in English:



  • (of a map or survey) showing the extent, value, and ownership of land, especially for taxation.

    ‘As in Jamaica, it was necessary to train staff and to prepare a cadastral map.’
    • ‘Records designed to assess public revenue - censuses, cadastral surveys, and tax registers - all demonstrate the interest of the state in promoting stability and continuity in settlement.’
    • ‘Their commission was to establish an administrative framework, conduct a census and cadastral survey to establish the resources of the peninsula, and draw up a taxation policy and legal statutes for its governance.’
    • ‘He ordered detailed cadastral surveys in order to determine whether a tithe of produce or a fixed impost on agricultural land would be the most efficient method of taxing agricultural revenues.’
    • ‘This system (following the Byzantine system) was sensible for a large agrarian empire for which detailed cadastral surveys were impractical.’
    • ‘Land is typically bought, sold, and inherited without official documentation (no government has ever carried out a cadastral survey).’
    • ‘While cadastral surveys were undertaken for the territories of Navarino, Arcadia, and Modon, none appear to have survived.’
    • ‘I do not want to get into the cadastral survey aspect, because, again, that is an area where we need some accuracy, and these amendments merely tidy it up.’
    • ‘Compilation of the cadastral surveys was a massive and time-consuming undertaking, and in practice they were often far from complete.’
    • ‘The local administration is conducting a cadastral survey of the island.’
    • ‘After an intense process of bargaining with the committee, the mayor was able to convince its members to approve new cadastral values and to accept his fiscal reform.’
    • ‘He hired a private consulting firm to update cadastral values.’
    • ‘Consequently, the rudimentary cadastral requirements for levying a tax on real property have evolved slowly in Africa, and the land tax experience is limited, for all practical purposes, to urban land and improvements.’
    • ‘A major limitation of the system is the absence of a comprehensive cadastral information system for identifying each ratable unit and for classifying land uses.’
    • ‘This may link to a graphical information system and to cadastral (legally surveyed boundaries) information that could be used for planning or legal access restriction purposes.’
    • ‘Computers, aerial cadastral mapping, and other technological innovations make for greater uniformity of treatment, rendering the process less susceptible to personal and political pressure.’
    • ‘Very little cadastral information will be available on the public version.’
    • ‘The second stage will start after the ownership structure has been finalised, along with the cadastral plan, the environment impact assessment and the general spatial development plan.’
    • ‘First, territoriality consists of commonly accepted spatial concepts and methods of areal delineation, from oral traditions and place-naming practices to cadastral registers backed by state power.’
    • ‘The department conducts regular customer surveys to identify priorities and it comes as no surprise that the cadastral dataset is the top scorer year after year.’



/kəˈdastrəl/ /kəˈdæstrəl/


Mid 19th century from French, from cadastre ‘register of property’, from Provençal cadastro, from Italian catastro (earlier catastico), from late Greek katastikhon ‘list, register’, from kata stikhon ‘line by line’.