Definition of cadastre in English:



  • A register of property showing the extent, value, and ownership of land for taxation.

    ‘Most of the local real estate firms support the company's proposal to merge the cadastre and property registers, arguing that this would halve administrative costs and speed up the process by providing a one-stop customer service.’
    • ‘Once these are in order the Notary Act (contract to purchase) must be signed in front of a Bulgarian Notary Public and registered in the local cadastre.’
    • ‘Local government officials in charge of the cadastre and valuation systems are well prepared with technical expertise and an awareness of the need to conduct permanent reform within the system.’
    • ‘A cadastre of this nature presented technical obstacles of such severity that the entire project was at first abandoned.’
    • ‘It was thought at the time that a full scale legal cadastre was a fundamental requirement, so the program was shelved.’
    • ‘When the national cadastre is complete, this municipal responsibility will cease.’
    • ‘However, this cannot be ascertained without a legal cadastre in most African rural areas.’
    • ‘By means of iconic script - ‘picture writing’ - pictorial manuscripts had ordered religious lore as well as the dynastic genealogies, political histories, and cadastres of cities and kings in pre-Hispanic central Mexico.’
    • ‘A document replete with cadastres and flow charts that resemble the scratchings of a drunken maze designer.’
    • ‘There will be no sale of companies that are part of the electricity transmission system, nor of those engaged in gas transiting, the transport infrastructure, the territorial cadastre, geodesy, water supply and sewage.’



/kəˈdasˌtər/ /kəˈdæsˌtər/