Definition of cadaverine in English:



  • A toxic liquid base, 1,5-diaminopentane, formed by the putrefaction of proteins.

    Chemical formula: H₂N(CH₂)₅NH₂

    ‘Measurements of the fluorescence of dansyl cadaverine attached to Gln 41 indicate substantial inhibition of the initial association of G-actin-S1 into longitudinal dimers.’
    • ‘He attempted to coat the host pupae with several appropriately named diamines, such as putricine and cadaverine.’
    • ‘The names given to some of the staleing amines, ‘putrazine’ and ‘cadaverine’, speak volumes about the role of smell.’
    • ‘The noxious gases putrescine and cadaverine get on your clothes too.’
    • ‘The putrescine and the cadaverine concentrations were higher in the proximal than in the distal part of the intestinal lumen.’



/kəˈdavəˌrēn/ /kəˈdævəˌrin/