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‘A letter written on February 16th, 1953, to the ailing Welsh poet, who in fact died later that year, offering what small mead of help he could, draws back the veil upon an aspect of the Cymric cadger hitherto well hidden.’
  • ‘A famous cadger, he had a kamikaze predilection for turning on benefactors and friends.’
  • ‘For ages the trunk road from east to west passed close by, the old hotel at Kingswell ‘Cadgers’ Knowe, marks the camping ground of cadgers and humbler folks.’
  • ‘A self-confessed cadger from Dersingham has been given a huge thank you by the personnel for the support she has given to their Kenyan appeal.’
  • ‘A cadger is a carrier who travels between town and country with butter, eggs, and shop-wares or someone who sells things in the street.’



/ˈkajər/ /ˈkædʒər/