Definition of Caesar salad in English:

Caesar salad

Pronunciation /ˈsizər ˈsæləd/


  • A salad typically consisting of romaine lettuce and croutons served with a dressing containing olive oil, lemon juice, raw egg, parmesan cheese, and seasonings.

    ‘a formal repast of prime rib, wild rice, and Caesar salad’
    • ‘You'll also find corn-bread croutons in your Caesar salad, and a helping of hickory-smoked barbecue ribs, served as a dainty appetizer, with relish made from Bartlett pears.’
    • ‘You have to admire a kitchen that can turn out a proper Caesar salad with real-deal croutons and a nice anchovy bite, unburdened by the usual overload of dressing and Parmesan.’
    • ‘The savory wild meat meal consisted of bannock, white fish, salmon, moose, shish kebabs, pasta salad, Caesar salad, and baked potatoes with fruit tarts for dessert.’
    • ‘The Caesar salad with herb croutons and parmesan salad passed the test too.’
    • ‘Either side of the lamb I'm suggesting you serve a classic Caesar salad and a wonderful chocolate marquise.’
    • ‘You cannot have a Caesar salad without croutons!’
    • ‘He plays with his Caesar salad, glumly spearing croutons or else sweeping one of those supremely talented hands through his heavy flick of a fringe.’
    • ‘She even fed him croutons from the Caesar salad we had with dinner.’
    • ‘But actually, he liked his Caesar salad and club sandwich.’
    • ‘‘Here's your Caesar salad with Italian dressing and no croutons and your Maine Lobster with hash browns and a glass of milk,’ she said while handing Trey his order.’
    • ‘My dad's tastes are so sure, so stagnant that predicting his level of satisfaction at any place that doesn't serve Caesar salad, steak, and creamed spinach takes little effort.’
    • ‘The traditional Caesar salad is served perfectly, with a chilled gold fork, and chilled lettuce.’
    • ‘We thanked him again, and then we proceeded to order an appetizer of fried calamari, a Caesar salad that we could split and our meals.’
    • ‘Dad and Michael were more enthusiastic about their Caesar salads: ‘it has great flavor,’ said dad.’
    • ‘The best Caesar salads I've made involve a food processor in which you blend garlic, anchovies and olive oil and you get deliciousness.’
    • ‘She has recipes for their Caesar salad and their lobster roll, I think.’
    • ‘It's like eating a New York strip steak, a Caesar salad, and a baked potato with butter.’
    • ‘The things I can manage are omelettes, Caesar salads and macaroni-and-cheese.’
    • ‘The most basic corner-restaurant items, like the lemony Caesar salad, the tender burger, and the crisp matchstick fries are all items anyone would be delighted to find around the corner from their house.’
    • ‘Romaine is the signature green of Caesar salads.’


Named after Caesar Cardini, the Italian-born restaurateur who invented it in 1924.