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(also Caesarian)
  • Of or connected with Julius Caesar or the Caesars.

    ‘Some say the gesture was genuine, but others suspected it was but another instance of Caesarian politics, a carefully orchestrated event between he and Antony to reassure the mob that Caesar would not be king.’
    • ‘He acquired and exercised a strong personal dominance, but this was soon threatened by the emergence of Octavian (the future Augustus), and the two locked in competition for the Caesarian leadership.’
    • ‘Caesar's time, authoritatively printed in the calendar, has triumphed over the archaic oral proclamation of the kalends by the priesthood, just as the Caesarian style of politics has triumphed over the Republican.’
    • ‘Yet another begins like a Caesarean pronouncement at an inaugural of a gladiatorial contest.’
    • ‘For far too long, Rome had lived by conquest - through seizing, by force of arms, what its spendthrift patricians and Caesarian Mafiosi could not hope to gain by trade alone.’
    • ‘On the other hand, the memoirs have what we might call their Caesarean moments.’



/səˈzerēən/ /səˈzɛriən/