Definition of café con leche in English:

café con leche


  • Coffee with milk.

    ‘This second breakfast may be café con leche, coffee with milk, with a sweet roll or biscuits, galletas, dunked in the coffee, or una tostada.’
    • ‘A café con leche is not a coffee with milk, spoken in Spanish, as Puerto Ricans in New York sometimes think.’
    • ‘Between bites of flan and mango ice, somewhere between the second and third café con leche, my friends Boyd and Kevin turned in their high-backed wooden chairs and started poking at a blue hammock slung low on an ocher-sponged wall.’
    • ‘At $2 a pop, they're hard to resist - and with a cup of café con leche or cinnamon-spiced Mexican chocolate, an excellent takeout breakfast en route to the subway.’
    • ‘I counted, during an afternoon pre-fight café con leche, at least a dozen yellowed newspaper clippings framed in non-reflective glass.’
    • ‘There is a busy takeout trade, but I was made to feel welcome sitting at the counter over a frothy café con leche.’
    • ‘The café con leche (coffee) was very very weak.’
    • ‘I had the café con leche which reminded me of the coffee I had in Spain -- and Eggs Benedict with pork.’
    • ‘And living up to its name, the café con leche here is outstanding.’


café con leche

/ˌkafākənˈlāCHā/ /ˌkæfeɪkənˈleɪtʃeɪ/