Definition of caipirinha in English:



  • A Brazilian cocktail made with cachaca, lime or lemon juice, sugar, and crushed ice.

    ‘And signature cocktails include tart blueberry caipirinhas resembling sesame-seed-flecked wheatgrass juice, knockout kiwi mojitos and watermelon lemonade.’
    • ‘And caipirinhas are less a cocktail, more a way of life.’
    • ‘I learned how to make a wild berry mojito, a caipirinha, a pisco sour and a watermelon margarita.’
    • ‘Drinkers sit at thick wooden tables lit by soft orange lamps sipping a great selection of Martinis, margaritas and fruity Brazilian cocktails, all mixed by skilled and sexy bar staff who know their caipirinhas from their caiproskas.’
    • ‘Cocktails tend to belong to the school of bibulous invention margaritas are made with the melon liqueur Midori, lychees get into a martini, some sort of sake is used in a caipirinha.’
    • ‘It was clear from the blackboard that it would be a good place for a party, with caipirinhas, minty mojitos and margaritas served by the pitcher.’
    • ‘The hotel lobby begins to fill up around seven as the rich and famous filter in to drink whisky and caipirinhas.’
    • ‘You'll also stop at a cachaça factory, where the most potent ingredient of the lethal caipirinha, Brazil's national drink, is distilled.’
    • ‘To anyone who has attended the event, he will be a familiar figure - he's the one with boundless positive energy and enthusiasm, serving caipirinhas and wrapped in the Brazilian flag.’
    • ‘The caipirinha is the national drink of Brazil and I kept being asked if I liked it.’
    • ‘After a couple of these we found our way next door to a huge club where they also conveniently served caipirinhas.’
    • ‘At each opportunity, they banded together into a ‘cartel’ to make the buy and then split up the spoils over caipirinhas later that evening.’
    • ‘Afternoons are spent taking a siesta in a hammock; sunsets are for sipping lethal caipirinhas.’
    • ‘When you're done noshing, you can kick back in this setting on a wicker sofa with a sweet caipirinha on the rocks in hand.’



/ˌkīpəˈrēnyə/ /ˌkaɪpəˈrinjə/


Brazilian Portuguese, from caipira ‘yokel’.