Definition of cajolement in English:



See cajole

‘It takes a certain degree of cajolement and leadership to help us all head in the right direction.’
  • ‘You just have to hope that I have not been unduly influenced by any lunches, gifts or cajolements along the way.’
  • ‘I do not pretend to know what combination of threats and cajolements they offered, but they obviously succeeded.’
  • ‘These groups would then canvass for votes for their preferred town, with events and banners and posters and any other means of cajolement they could think of.’
  • ‘For example, it is increasingly clear in the book that torture does not produce reliable intelligence, quite the contrary, but that traditional methods of cajolement and induced familiarity do.’



/kəˈjōlmənt/ /kəˈdʒoʊlmənt/