Definition of calcalkaline in English:



  • (chiefly of rocks) relatively rich in both calcium and alkali metals.

    ‘The bulk of the plutonic rocks are calcalkaline in composition and range in age from Mid-Jurassic to Early Cretaceous.’
    • ‘Westward subduction of the Songpan-Ganzi oceanic lithosphere in the Late Triassic caused extensive calcalkaline volcanism and intrusion along the Yidun Terrane in the Late Triassic.’
    • ‘In the Catalonian Coastal Range Ordovician volcanic acid rocks with calcalkaline affinity probably formed by partial melting of the crust in a post-collisional setting.’
    • ‘Geologically it is characterized by large volumes of Early Paleozoic calcalkaline granites and volcanics interbedded with marine volcano-sedimentary rocks.’
    • ‘The Glen Urquhart sample contains a few zircons with an average age around 2320 Ma, which corresponds well to the timing of calcalkaline igneous activity in the Rae Province in the Labrador segment of Laurentia.’
    • ‘The c.12-10.5 Ma extrusion ages for the voluminous calcalkaline sequence in Sierra de Gata that are presented here have important implications for the plate-tectonic setting of the Alboran volcanic province.’
    • ‘The Bulawayan LIP was brought to a close by deposition of the less well-known volcanosedimentary Cheshire unit and calcalkaline Maliyami Formation.’
    • ‘All granite samples plot exclusively in the calcalkaline field on an AFM diagram.’



/kalˈkalkələn/ /kælˈkælkələn/ /kalˌkalkəˈlīn/ /kælˌkælkəˈlaɪn/