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  • Something used for making mathematical calculations, in particular a small electronic device with a keyboard and a visual display.

    ‘a pocket calculator’
    • ‘In those days, mainframe computers were coming into usage and electronic calculators were also just appearing.’
    • ‘Remember, he invented the pocket calculator and revolutionised personal computing.’
    • ‘This is true of virtually all non-PC electronics devices, from calculators to hi-fi systems to most mobile phones.’
    • ‘There is a currency converter and a calculator but no email client or text message chat.’
    • ‘Displays on laptop computers, cell phones, watches, and calculators all rely on this technology.’
    • ‘The fourth recommendation advocates the use of mathematical software or graphing calculators.’
    • ‘And he had to do all the calculations the hard way, using pencil and paper, without the help of any computers or pocket calculators.’
    • ‘In any event, the test of whether a spreadsheet could be useful to me is if it can be my pocket calculator.’
    • ‘Why use Vedic mathematics when we have calculators and computers?’
    • ‘She added that pupils learning to use the abacus could calculate faster than those using electric calculators.’
    • ‘These calculators have done their part in making the use of computational devices in the classroom feasible.’
    • ‘Well, there's a number of calculators online that you can begin with.’
    • ‘The items included laptop computers, cameras, stereos, calculators and digital diaries.’
    • ‘Some readers will remember when calculators, computers and digital watches were new products.’
    • ‘They now have the benefit of hand held electronic calculators.’
    • ‘Such tasks are best suited to readily available technological devices, such as calculators.’
    • ‘Common batteries in watches, calculators and other devices are voltaic cells.’
    • ‘Earlier, we had electro-mechanical calculators, using relays and vacuum tubes.’
    • ‘Accounting enlists technology in the form of calculators and computers to assist in the processing of information.’
    • ‘These days the world revolves around computers and calculators; somewhere the spirit of our heritage is being eroded.’



/ˈkalkyəˌlādər/ /ˈkælkjəˌleɪdər/