Definition of calends in English:


plural noun

(also kalends)
  • The first day of the month in the ancient Roman calendar.

    ‘The first day of the month in the Roman calendar was known as the ‘kalends’, from which we get the word ‘calendar'. The calendar was reorganised in 46 BC on the order of Julius Caesar, so that the first day of the new year became January 1.’
    • ‘It is also the origin of the word calendar itself, which originally meant an account book, the calends being the days on which accounts became due for payment.’



/ˈkalendz/ /ˈkælɛndz/ /ˈkālendz/ /ˈkeɪlɛndz/


Old English (denoting an appointed time): from Old French calendes, from Latin kalendae, calendae ‘first day of the month’ (when accounts were due and the order of days was proclaimed); related to Latin calare and Greek kalein ‘call, proclaim’.