Definition of californium in English:



(also Cf)
  • The chemical element of atomic number 98, a radioactive metal of the actinide series, first produced by bombarding curium with helium ions.

    ‘The lifetimes of the first ‘transuranium ‘elements - such as plutonium, curium and californium - were very close to the values predicted by the liquid-drop model.’’
    • ‘Following up on berkelium, dubnium and californium, researchers at the University of Berkely in California, stumbled upon am element with atomic number 117 about a year ago.’
    • ‘For example, researchers at the Berkeley laboratory first discovered elements 97 and 98 and then suggested naming them berkelium and californium in honor of Berkeley, California, where the research was done.’
    • ‘The New Yorker wondered why they had not gone for broke, naming these two universitium and offium so as to reserve berkelium and californium for the next two elements.’
    • ‘Subsequent elements beginning with the same first letter were given symbols that might bring the name to mind: C is carbon, Cl is chlorine, and Cf is californium.’
    • ‘It is prepared artificially in particle accelerators by bombarding heavy transuranium elements, such as californium, with alpha particles.’
    • ‘The isotope californium - 252 has also found some use in determining the amount of moisture in soil, information that is very important to road builders and construction companies.’
    • ‘Recurrence of the maxillary tumor was treated by 2 courses of radiotherapy, followed by californium 252 brachytherapy totaling 4000 rad.’



/ˌkaləˈfôrnēəm/ /ˌkæləˈfɔrniəm/


1950s named after California University(where it was first made) + -ium.