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call center

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  • An office set up to handle a large volume of phone calls, especially for taking orders and providing customer service.

    ‘In the call center, customer contact is predominantly by telephone, either inbound or outbound.’
    • ‘The company will also provide a call centre and some front office services.’
    • ‘More calls come into the call center where customer service representatives take product orders.’
    • ‘The sheer volume of customer contact in the call center cannot be matched in any other segment of business.’
    • ‘Design a peaceful call center that our operators will actually enjoy.’
    • ‘The company is already involved in electronic funds transfer and runs a call center for a Web retailer.’
    • ‘One of my friends works in the customer service call center of a national pager company.’
    • ‘It has changed from a traditional call centre to a modern customer service centre.’
    • ‘Cars will be delivered to customers' homes and a dedicated call centre will handle any queries.’
    • ‘In your quest to operate a successful call center, remember the right management plays a critical role.’
    • ‘These varied media are turning the traditional call center loo a multimedia customer contact center.’
    • ‘While the client's facility functions primarily as an inbound call center, an outbound group exists.’
    • ‘A dedicated subgroup of agents is assigned to service each of the call types in the call center.’
    • ‘We've hired hundreds of people from Wall Street to answer questions and offer advice in our call center.’
    • ‘During this period, residents may find that the call centre and the counter service are busier than usual.’
    • ‘The customer call centre based at the Manchester brewery is not affected.’
    • ‘As part of the scheme, the council is to create a new call centre handling incoming calls.’
    • ‘Indeed, the system's efforts to shore up its flagship call center appear to be paying off beyond just good will.’
    • ‘The new call centre will play an important role in future plans for European expansion.’
    • ‘Another $4 million has gone to a new call center and telecommunications equipment.’


call center

/ˈkôl ˌsen(t)ər/ /ˈkɔl ˌsɛn(t)ər/